My eyes

 '                       I remember

Those are pearls that were his eyes."

Are you alive, or not? Is there nothing in your head?" 

1.    The image of a drown person with eyes that are like pearls, in The Tempest, Ariel said that to mean that death is a natural process. Not to be sad about it.

2.      This image also gives us a very zombie-like visual, mummified. This can mean the state of both the society and the people right now. Lost,…not sure if they are alive or not.    

3.      It's also worth noting that these lines are a callback to lines 37 and 48 of this very poem—remember the pearls-for-eyes sailor? And that existential crisis in the hyacinth garden? (You better do, Mr.Siomon) Yep, it's all going down all over again.               

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