This stanza explicitly alludes to Chapel Perilous of the Arthurian legend. Chapel Perilous is the final confrontation, and bore the curse of death; that is why it has become a cemetery for all those who sought the Grail. Thus, after our long journey through the chaotic world, we have arrived at this empty place in which the final episode of our fate is going to happen. A soothing word from T.S. Eliot: “Dry bones can harm no one.” Strangely, he doesn’t seem to view this setting as frightening or perilous, as if our only task left is to walk through it, without any struggle. In the case that “the cock” refers to one in Luke 22:56-62, then is is a mark that the foretold future is becoming true. Jesus told Peter that before the cock crows, Peter will deny him three times. Peter never thought that he would commit such a treacherous act. However, due to their situation, Peter had to deny him, but did not realize it until the cock crew. Then finally, God gave the gift of water, proving that He has not abandoned us to suffer our destruction.



Peter denies Jesus

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