"Ganga was sunken, and the limp leaves

Waited for rain, while the black clouds

Gathered far distant, over Himavant."'

The holy Ganges River next to the Himalayas

“Ganga” is the Ganges River. It is the most holy river to Hinduism. People thought that the water in this river could partially wash away their sins and help them to escape the cycle of life andeath. When a person can escape that cycle that is when he becomes God because you can make decisions on other people’s lives. The river was sunken by a hard rain coming from our God because it takes away the power of Him. Himavant refers to the peak of Himalayas, which is the highest peak in the world. It symbolizes the possession and lack of unity from human. We try to reach the highest position in order to consider our position as same as God. We think that we control situations and desire things that are more than what we need. The relationship between people in this society is broken when possession takes place. Therefore, when the rain came for salvation, the peak of sins was covered by black clouds. It is the time to universally change the whole system.

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