Analysis Line 153-154Edit

If you don’t like it and can get on with it, I said.

Others can pick and choose if you can’t.

Chess is a game that requires not so much emotion. It’s a game of reason and rational thinking. Starting from the pawn, each plays the best to protect the king, and eventually can be sacrificed any time to protect the king. As long as the King is safe, nothing else matters

  Allusion to men and women relationship in society at that time. The King represents the men. Women got married to men, had sex, bear the children and raised them up. When the women suffered through childbirth, men (like Albert) were just satisfied from the intercourse. When women couldn’t please their men anymore, they decided to sacrifice their life and let other women to satisfy their men (just like a player gets off the chess board and other players will automatically fill in the role of protecting the King).

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