Description of mood from line 77 -- 110:

At first, it impress the readers with the setting of powerful, authoritative woman in a surreal yet glorious castle. Then, as the poem continued, the power faded and the fear started creeping in (starting from line 88).

  • unguent, powdered, or liquid – troubled, confused”

  • and drowned the sense in odours"

The lines were mostly equal in length and constant beat where irregularity was rarely seen.

→ But then, after a while of trying remain composed, the woman got frustrated and things started to slip away from her paranoiac grip. The magnificence was washed away, revealing the crumbling, and dismantling of things.

  • sad light a carved dolphin swam”

  • so rudely forced”

  • withered stump of time”

The lines varied greatly in term of length and number of words, adding a dramatic and disoriented dimension to the chapter, accompanying the falling apart of the woman.

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