"The sound of horns and motors, which shall bring

Sweeney to Mrs. Porter in the spring."
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Diana and Actaeon

Refrain from The Parliament of Bees

"When of the sudden, listening, you shall hear

 A noise of horns and hunting, which shall bring

 Actaeon to Diana in the spring,

Where all shall see her naked skin . . ."

The Parliaments of Bees - John Day


These two lines refer to The Parliament of Bees – a story of Diana (a hunting Goddess) and Actaeon. This is another tragic story revolving about revenge. But this time, vengeance is resulted from anger. Actaeon presents himself at the cave’s entrance, where Diana is taking her bath. Diana dashes the water into Actaeon face with a curse, "Now go and tell, if you can, that you have seen Diana unapparelled." Immediately, Actaeon turns into a stag. With the lost of his speech and appearance, his dogs and his friends do not recognize him – they hunt him down. It is not until the dogs torn his body apart that the anger in Diana is satisfied. 

This is yet another criticism of Eliot about how people treat each other. People can turn into a heartless beast and using immoral actions in order to take revenge and satisfy their anger. 

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