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“The seven old man” is a poem written by Charles Baudelaire. The poem is one of the many poems in Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil) volume of poetry first published in 1857.


Summary of The Seven Old Man[]

“The Seven Old Man” is allegedly Baudelaire’s vision of Paris the time. In the “city full of dreams”, the narrator “I” is depressed and horrified by what he sees. The city of dreams is deprived of life, where the sky, the river-side, the houses look unclean, overused; generic. What shocks him the most however are the 3-legged old men that kept walking around in circle. There were many of them, all with an indifferent attitude to the world. The narrator couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt as if he has been tossed “upon a monstrous, shoreless sea”.

Connection to the Waste Land[]

Paris 1900